Governor Matawalle has inaugurated state and local government development committees

Governor Bello Mohammed (Matawalle Maradun, Shattiman Sakkwato) has inaugurated the 12-member Zamfara State Development Committee tasked with launching the state’s 25-year development plan.

Governor Matawalle said the decision to set up the commission and its launch was in line with the government’s commitment to scientific and political development in the state.

“Our decision to set up a State Development Plan Committee is based on our understanding of the development of a broad-based approach. So, we will need a long-term strategy that is strong and broad to lead development projects in the state ”. Governor Matawalle appeared.

Before the launch of the committee, Governor Matawalle said, “Because we understand the importance of this document to the state as a whole, we have selected the members of the committee from various quarters, and we believe they are experts and can carry out the task as expected.”.

“I urge you to take up this task as a state project, which plays an important role in ensuring the development of our state now and in the future,” Governor Matawalle warned the committee members.

The committee, headed by Prof. Yusuf Adamu Tsafe from Bayero University, Kano, has qualified members.

The Committee has the following criteria: To take responsibility for running the State Development Plan; to oversee the activities of the State Technical Committee to obtain adequate funding from the Government; to hold monthly meetings with the technical committee, and any work deemed appropriate to conduct the work of the committee.

In addition, Governor Matawalle has set up state and local government monitoring committees because, according to him, “They will closely monitor all activities at all levels of government”.

He urged the two committees to monitor the conduct of all activities and report any problems to the government for appropriate action.

The committees are under the supervision of Alhaji Sanda Mohammad Danjari and Alhaji Sulaiman Tunau Anka.

Source: Zailani Bappa

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