Governor Bagudu has fulfilled some of his promises in the field of Roads Infrastructural development

Roads Infrastructural development executed by His Excellency, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, Governor of Kebbi State, Chairman Progressives Governors’ Forum, and Deputy Chairman, National Food Security Council, from inception to date is glaring for all to see. This is in actualizing the policy direction of his administration on urban development and rural transformation.

The pragmatic government of Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu under its philosophy of a people-oriented regime has constructed a road network to ease the movement of people and goods in all nooks and crannies of Kebbi State.

A closer look at such road infrastructure shows that the incumbent administration has constructed township roads in Birnin Kebbi the State capital, Jega, Aliero, Koko town, Besse town, Argungu, Zuru, Yauri, and Bunza where erosion control project was also executed by the government. Other township roads constructed or rehabilitated are those of Kalgo, Maiyama, Sabiyel, Kashin Zama, Sumbawa, Kaoje, Dirin Daji, Shanga, Ambursa, Karaye, Allu, Kimba, and Jandutsi.

Specifically, the compassionate administration of Governor Atiku Bagudu has constructed access road and evacuated drainage at Tudun Wada in Birnin Kebbi, constructed drainage at Aliero Quarters, constructed access roads and drainage at Sabon Garin Gwadangaji, constructed access road and drainages at Makerar Gandu, constructed access road for New Layout behind Dr. Amina Girls College, Birnin Kebbi as well as rehabilitated GRA road opposite Access Bank, Birnin Kebbi.

Other roads which received facelift are the Filin Sarki-NEPA junction road, Birnin Kebbi, the construction of an access road and drainage system at Kofar Kola-Gamagira-Kofar Dindi-Old Prison road, the construction of access road and side drainage at Old Gwandangaji, Birnin Kebbi, construction of access roads and drainage system with reinforced concrete outfall at Badariya, construction of access roads and drainage system at Shiyar Fada area, construction of access roads at Bayan Kara area, construction of access roads within mechanic village, rehabilitation of Ahmadu Bello Way, Birnin Kebbi, construction of access road to Dr. Amina College (Direct Labour) Birnin Kebbi, construction of Total access road (Direct Labour) Birnin Kebbi, rehabilitation of NDLEA roundabout to Eid prayer ground road and construction of a drainage, Birnin Kebbi, rehabilitation of Sultan Abubakar-Rima round about Birnin Kebbi, the completion of Makera to Kangiwa road as well as the construction of Badariya-Kola-Zuguru road, Birnin Kebbi LGA.

In Jega Local Government, the administration rehabilitated the road from the Police Station to the residence of Malam Abbas Jega, constructed the Inwala-Dumbegu road, rehabilitated the Jega Motor Park-Nasarawa Kermi road, Constructed Jega Filin Idi to Koko Yauri road, constructed access roads and Drainage at Masallacin Malam Abdul-Rahaman and BLB to Gidan Kaji road Jega, constructed Asibitin Birnin Yari to Gidan Wanka road, rehabilitated the Palace to Nasarawa Kermi road, Jega as well as constructed Jega Filin Idi to Koko-Yauri road.

Likewise, the benevolent administration of Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu has undertaken road infrastructural development in Aliero Local Government which includes the construction of the Danwarai-Grande Samu-Gehuru road, construction of Sabiyel township roads, the construction of Kashin Zama township roads as well as the construction Danwarai to Sadam road.

In Augie Local Government, similar projects were executed as evident in the construction of the Bubuche-Bayawa road, the construction of the Augie-Zagie-Sokoto Border road as well as the extension of the Augie-Zagie road. In the same vein, the government has completed the Bunza erosion control project, constructed the Bunza-Gwade-Damana road, constructed a 3-span bridge along the Bunza-Tilli-Natsini road, as well as the rapid rehabilitation of some failed roads in the Bunza Local Government.

The story of this onerous development by the Bagudu administration has highly impacted positively communities in the Koko-Besse local government through the construction of township roads in Koko and Besse, the construction of the Besse-Dutsinmari-Samanaji road while in Shanga Local Government, rehabilitation was carried out on Makera-Shanga-YarBesse road, Shanga township roads, as well as the construction of box culvert and stone pitching, works along YarBesse-Besse road.

In Baguio local government, the Kebbi State government under the charismatic leadership of Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu executed roads projects that encompassed Bagudo-Besse road, Kaoje-Lafagu road including Kaoje township road, repairs of bridge deck along karaoke-Illo road, erosion control along Kende-Zaga road at Ratse village, rehabilitation of Kaoje-Illo road, construction of Zaria- Kalakala township road (Direct Labour) as well as quick repairs of failed concrete deck slap at Farin Ruwa bridge along Kaoje-Illo road.

Furthermore, the incumbent administration excelled in road infrastructural development in Maiyama local government as attested to in the construction of Maiyama, Sumbawa, and Karaye township roads, as well as the construction of the Maiyama-Katanga road. Such good tidings were extended to Suru local government through the repairs of flood-damaged Giro Bridge along Suru-Giro road, the construction of 4 Cells 3×3 box culvert along Shema-Bakoshi-Matankari road, rehabilitation of Suru-Kwaifa-Giro Junction road, quick reconstruction of washed out embankment and concrete retaining wall at Kwanar Bantam road and rapid repairs of 4 span bridge along Kende-Koko road.

In Arewa local government, a similar developmental scheme was implemented through the construction of the Tago-Yeldu road, construction of the Madamfara-Lema-Yeldu-Karai road, and repairs of washed-out multi-cells box culvert along the Bui-Kangiwa road near Tungar Hakimi Village, repairs of the top slab of 5-cell culvert at Kangiwa and the completion of Madamfara-Lema Yeldu-Karai road.

The same feat was achieved in Argungu local government as is a testimony in the construction of Alh. Baraya House-Natsini road, repairs of the damaged section of the road near WACOT Rice mill along Argungu-Sokoto road as well as accelerated repairs of failed roads in parts of the local government including Bunza-Gulma-Sauwa-Natsini road.

The administration has also carried out the construction of the Falale-Barama-Argungu Bye Pass road including the span bridge in Gwandu local government while in Dandi local government, the Kamba-Dolekaina road and Dolekaina-Buma-Tungar Rafi road were constructed accordingly.

In Zuru local government, the Bagudu administration constructed the 5.3km Zuru township roads, rehabilitated the Dubai-Mahuta-Koko road, and rehabilitated the Ribah-Maga road as well as the Dubai Junction-Zuru road. In the neighboring Sakaba local government, the State government constructed the Dirin Daji township road and constructed Dirin Daji-Dankolo-Sakaba road with a Spur to Ayu.

Similarly, the construction of the Kanya-Gwazawa road was executed including 4 cells box culvert of 3mx4m at Ribah in Danko/Wasagu local government while erosion control and construction of culvert along Waje-Unashi road were also carried out. Furthermore, the State government rehabilitated the Ribah-Wasagu-Bena road in addition to implementing constituency projects in the area.

To facilitate economic growth, commerce, and trading activities, the Atiku Bagudu administration rehabilitated the Malando-Ngaski-Warrah-Yauri road in Ngaski local government as well as the execution of constituency projects in local government

The people of the Yauri local government will ever remain grateful to the compassionate disposition of the people-oriented governor, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu for hastening the construction and completion of the Yauri township roads which include asphalting of the entire road network.

On its part, Fakai local government enjoyed constituency projects implemented under the current dispensation towards uplifting the socio-economic wellbeing of the inhabitants.

As reaffirmed by the acting governor, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu in Koko at the commissioning of the Sokoto-Tambuwal-Jega-Yauri-Kontagora-Makera road recently, his administration has placed utmost priority on infrastructural development with emphasis on the construction of roads given the importance of good road network to the economic growth of the society.

Source: Aliyu Bandado Argungu, Coordinator, and Senior Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor of Kebbi State.

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