Fayemi celebrated Eid el-fitr in Kebbi and commended Bagudu for his commitment to Nigeria

The Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Governors and Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi arrived in Kebbi State on Monday to congratulate the people of Kebbi State and the Muslim community on the occasion of Salat.

The NGF chairman lauded the commitment of his Kebbi State counterpart Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu to Nigeria’s work.

Fayemi, who is full of emotion, said, “He looks after the issues that are bothering us.

“This is to ensure that the successes we have achieved on our platform are enhanced.

“This is to make sure that we do not lose, but we get more people, and we get more profit.

“Fortunately, this does not impede any significant progress made by his administration in Kebbi State, which continues to make significant progress.

Fayemi also lauded the indispensable contribution made by the Kebbi State governor to the federal government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari and the chairman of the Governors Development Association.

He said: “It is not easy to monitor the affairs of 22 governors from different states, even though we are on the same party.”

The NGF chairman added that Bagudu has been a strong and dependable pillar for him as the chairman and Governor of Ekiti State.

“I have been receiving support and cooperation from my friend, the Governor of Kebbi State, and our tireless Leader for a long time.

“With this kind of support, I am sure we will be able to overcome the challenges we face in this country,” Fayemi said.

He said the visit was to congratulate the government and people of Kebbi State on the completion of the fasting month of Ramadan and the celebration of Salat.

“We pray that after this month of independence, God’s prayers in His infinite mercy continue to take care of us, our nation, and our country to overcome any difficulties we may face. ”

Responding, Bagudu described Fayemi as a trusted friend of Kebbi State, and as the chairman of the NGF and the governor of Ekiti State.

He added that as a result of Fayemi’s efforts during his tenure as Minister of Mines, less than 20,000 artisans were registered in the state.

“After that, they are now operating by the environment and the law and this has boosted the economy of the state and Nigeria,” Bagudu said.

According to the Kebbi State governor, Fayemi has been leading the NGF, “in a fair and just manner,” adding that he is committed to the cause.

“He has visited several states to support the governors who are facing challenges including Kebbi as this is his third visit to the state as the chairman of the NGF, during his previous visit.

Bagudu added, “As the governor of Kebbi State, the people of some parts of Nigeria live in Kebbi State in peace and enjoy a fair share.”

Bagudu said in the country’s democracy, Fayemi did something unusual in 2014 when observers and pundits believed he had won the disputed election but decided to hand over power to the opposition.

“This generosity has been well received by the people of Ekiti, and we in Kebbi remember him for his role in the development of our economy as the Minister of Minerals and his belief that every part of Nigeria has something to contribute to national development.

Source: Yahaya Sarki, Special Adviser on Social Media to the Kebbi State Governor

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