Dr. Danagogo Says “Road Safety is the Responsibility of All Citizens”

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has decorated former Minister of Sports Dr. Tammy Wenike Danagogo as Honorary Special Marshall of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), for his numerous contributions and support to road safety in Nigeria.

Speaking at the ceremony conducted by the Sector Commander, FRSC, Rivers State Command, Salisu Galadunci in Port Harcourt today, Dr. Danagogo maintained that the responsibility to ensure safety and orderliness on our roads lies on the shoulders of every well-meaning Nigerian.

“I will start by thanking you for this privilege to be honored and recognized by the Corps Marshall of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi, as one of those that should contribute to ensuring sanity on our roads. I see it as an honor and also a responsibility. Thank you for the recognition.

“I don’t take things like this lightly. I am passionate about sanity, order, and harmony in society, particularly in open urban spaces. It is a passion that has driven me for a long time all through my years in public service. When I see volunteers such as the Special Marshalls of the FRSC, I respect and admire them for the sacrifices they are making.

“We have a lot to do to ensure we stem the ugly trend of traffic violations. Road safety is a difficult job but I always say, we must keep working to get to the point when we get things right as individuals, corporations, or government,” he said.

Danagogo recalled that as commissioner of Urban Development and Physical planning between 2011 and 2013, he further understood the rigors of traffic and road management. “I understand that people insult you sometimes. I have had to come down to intervene in traffic situations sometimes. The way I did my work availed me the opportunity to be on the road often because development control is on the road. If you must supervise it well, you must be out there and I used to be out there with a supervision team that encountered traffic situations often. So I understand the rigors you pass through.

He however urged the FRSC to also up their game in providing traffic guidelines and driver’s license issuance to prevent unqualified persons from obtaining the license as he wondered why persons without knowledge of traffic rules obtain drivers’ licenses.

“The FRSC has a lot to do too in sanitizing traffic and accident control by issuing licenses to only qualified members of the public. We need to make the driver’s license a highly-priced document and not a mere ID card. The way and manner of obtaining the FRSC driver’s license should be based on acceptable standards which entail going to the driving school, learning the codes, being interviewed, and being tested on driving. These protocols naturally discipline drivers.

“I believe that with the lessons we have learned here from the earlier traffic management agency that was set up, the present Task Force system, and even the lessons from LASMA in Lagos and the FRSC and those in road management, we will be able to forge a system that works for Port Harcourt and Rivers State. That is what I always envision and believe that in no distant future, that will happen in our state so that when you are driving on the streets of Port Harcourt and the State generally, you will be proud.

“I am very optimistic that it won’t be long that we will get it right as government, and road safety and special marshals to achieve an orderly and traffic-controlled system. Once again thank you,” he said.

The Sector Commander of the FRSC Rivers State Command, Salisu Galadunci noted that the Special Marshal of the FRSC, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi personally reviewed the CV of Danagogo and personally approved the honourary decoration on him in recognition of his help to the promotion of road safety activities in the state.

He said, “this is an honor and celebration granted to notable citizens who are so dear to the FRSC. Since my assumption of duty and before I came, I was informed of your help to the FRSC. I recall that when we wanted to bring in the number plate mini plant, I informed you about the benefits of the plant to the state and you took us to the allocated center for the plant and supported us with some logistics to bring it. Today the Centre is producing daily for the state. Every week we produce not less than one thousand plates for citizens who register their vehicles. You have made my stay here very easy.

“By this decoration, you are empowered to also control traffic and interact with other special marshals”, he said.

The State Coordinator, Special Marshal Unit, Mr. Theophilus Igbobo also noted that Dr. Danagogo was honored with Honourary Special Marsall because of his numerous personal contributions to the FRSC.

Source: Juliana Masi

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