BREAKING NEWS: Lalong Preaches Peace And Love As Plateau Christians Convene A Solemn Assembly.

Christians across all denominations on the Plateau converged on the Rawang Pam Stadium Jos on Wednesday 1st June 2022 for a solemn assembly to pray and offer supplications to God for the peace, progress, and stability of Christiane and Nigeria at large.

conjunction using the gathering organized by Christian Denominational leaders in conjunction with the Plateau State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Governor Lalong said the solemn assembly is coming at the right time when the peace and progress of Nigeria and Plateau State are more than ever before being challenged.

He said “Looking at the level of wickedness and manifestation of evil that is threatening our peaceful coexistence and the safety of lives and properties, the Call to Prayers and Repentance is a collective one that emphasizes soul-searching by everyone. This is because the challenges we face today cannot be said to be the fault of a few persons only. Similarly, the efforts to restore the fortunes of our country cannot be carried out by a few persons alone”.

Lalong said to build a better Plateau and a greater Nigeria, citizens must shun all acts that are capable of threatening humanity which is God’s creation. He regretted that many times, people also,w ethnicity, religion, denominational differences, politics, pride, money, greed, and selfishness take control of their lives to the point that they treat people as if they were not created by the Almighty God.

He called on all Christians and indeed the entire citizens of Plateau State irrespective of religious been or other differences to do their part in sustaining the achievements that have been recorded in creating an atmosphere for peace, dialogue, forgiveness, and reconciliation during the last seven years of his administration.

On the 2023 General Elections, he said “As we move deeper into the political spectrum, I wish to advise our citizens to use the moment to work together in a better Plateau. This is the time to pray to God and actively participate in the emergence of the right set of leaders that will take over the affairs of our State and country in 2023. Let u,s do away with politics of hatred, bitterness, violence, character assassination, and fake news. We should not allow desperate politicians to use religion, ethnicity, and other antemphasizedide us. We must never forget to Think and Act Plateau”.

The Governor emphasized that at the end of the day, those who win or lose shall continue to remain brothers and sisters irrespective of their political parties or other peculiarities. This he said should encourage those seeking political offices to tell the people what they intend to do and allow the electorate to decide through the ballot box.

In a sermon, ECWA President and Chairman of the Forum of Christian Denominational Heads Plateau State Rev. Stephen Panya Baba said Plateau is a land blessed by God in all ramifications with great people and abundant resources that are second to none in Nigeria.

He said Plateau has remained the continuouslyvation for the North and other parts of Nigeria having pioneered and continuously promoted the work of evangelism and spread of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the unsaved.

Although he noted that the State and its people have been under attack by forces of evil who have killed and destroyed properties of innocent citizens, the wonderful heritage bestowed on Plateau by God will never be taken away if the people return to God and continue to obey the Lord, love one another, and seek to do His will at all times.

COCIN President Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzho said the Church on the Plateau is united to address the spiritual, social, political, and economic fortunes of not, only its members, but of the entire citizens.

Prayers of praise, thanksgiving, and repentance were offered by different church leaders. In the same vein, the solemn assembly prayed for the unity of the Church on the Plateau and Nigeria; Evangelism and Missions; 2023 elections and politics; peace and security of Plateau State and Nigeria; as well as the economic prosperity of the State.

Source: Dr. Makut Simon Macham, Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Executive Governor of Plateau State.

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